What Are The Prices?

Buy Diplomas online . Pricing depends on whether you are looking for a degree program that handles both degree and transcripts, or just a degree cericate..
Price.It also depends on the version of the degree certificate you are looking for. Please contact our customer service and tell them your details,
and they will tell you the price and time.

Can I Pick Any School I Want My Documents From?

Yes. We leave the creativity and all the responsibllity up to the customer,
We will print the information you want ๐n your degree ลธ long as you realize that these are novelty documents meant for entertainment purposes only and that they
offer no real educational value. As well, you must me illing to take full responsibility for your creations.
We will not sell documents to anyone wishing to misrepresent him or herself or their education for business trade, profession or occupation reasons.
If there is ever a reason we can not produce your order within our guidlines, you will be notified immediately with an explanation.
At that time we will give you an option to make any changes to your order or have your order fully refunded.

Do They Come With Real Seals?

In order to make our diploma certificate look as authentic as possible, we must do the best seal.
From embossed to raised gold foil stamps (not just some gold foil stickers or so-called “gold ink”). they are of different types.
Click the link to view a sample of the seal secret in the sample page.

Can I use one of your fake diplomas, transcripts or certificate to apply for a job or get promotion?

Although we pride ourselves on the realistic quality of all of our novelty diplomas, certificates, transcripts and degrees they are exactly that…
novelty items that are only intended to be used as such.
As our Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions state, we DO NOT suggest or condone using any of our products to try to obtain a job,a raise or for anything other than what would be considered novelty use, gag/practical joke purposes, use on film sets or for decoration.
Using any of our products for any type of dishonest purposes, such as including it on a job application, could even be considered ilegal in some circumstances.
So, bottom line…. Please keep in mind that all of the products and services we offer are designed and intended strictly for NOVELTY USE ONLY.
Hang it on your living room wall to impress your in-laws or Internet dates but DO NOT use it on a college or job application!

How do I pay for my order? Do you accept PayPal?

Please note-we apologize for the inconvenience, but พe currently do not accept PayPal, we can only accept Western Union, Wire transfer, MoneyGram or any other payment methods not listed above..
If you have other questions about payment methods or order payment methods, please feel free to contact us and ask! We sincerely thank you for your business!

Is this a scam?

I understand your thoughts very well, we professionally produce diploma certificate transcripts, we can’t deceive our customers.
We can only guarantee that customers will receive high-quality diploma certificates.
Our philosophy is to serve every customer well, and hope that customers will introduce more orders to us .Buy Diplomas online

After you place an order, we guarantee that you will receive high-quality documents

Buy Diplomas online
Buy Diplomas online
Buy Diplomas online