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Telc Deutsch B2 certificate

Would you like to have official proof of your language skills? We offers you the possibility to get a real and registered TELC certificate without attending the exam.

With us, you can acquire your internationally standardized TELC certificate for any level (A1 – C1). To help you pass the test without attending the exam, just contact us now and place your order.


The exam consists of a written (reading, listening and writing) part and a speaking part. And to help safe your time and stress, you can contact us today and buy a valid TELC certificate without exam. 100% registered telc b1, telc b2 certificate, telc c1 German certificate. genuine Telc Deutsch B2

The TELC exams are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages(CEFRL).

Telc Deutsch B2 certificate


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Many language students need formal proof of their German language skills, for example, to start a career, for naturalisation, for their work in a kindergarten, in a hospital or for university admission. We can help you get a real and registered TELC certificate 100% without exam. We have the connections and experience to issue you a real (Telc a1, telc a2, telc b1, telc b2, telc c1, telc c2) certificates without exam.


We currently offer German telc exams for the levels telc deutsch B1, telc deutsch B2 and telc deutsch C1 Hochschule. You can contact us at any time to place your order. Buy a valid telc certificate today and safe your career or travel to germany for your dream job. genuine Telc Deutsch B2

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