Discover the German TELC and how to prepare

pass the German TELC

pass the German TELC

Do you want to pass the German TELC but you are missing a lot of information? We offer you to know more thanks to this article.

  • What is the German TELC?
  • Why choose German TELC?
  • What are the opportunities with a TELC degree?
  • How to register for the test?
  • Train for the TELC in German with GlobalExam.
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Prepare yourselvesfor your language certification

What is the German TELC?

The TELC is divided into different levels . Each level validates different language skills.

German TELC A1

The TELC Deutsch A1 exam, also called the TELC Deutsch A1 Junior, is for students aged 10 to 13. Its structure is specially adapted to their age. It therefore corresponds to the beginner level.

This level is suitable for evaluating whether you can communicate in a very simple way to know how to introduce yourself, ask for food, go shopping, say where you live. For this you can use very simple grammatical constructions. pass the German TELC

The exam consists of an oral part and a written part of 70 minutes. The oral exam takes place right after the written exam with no preparation time.

Understanding of the German language , pass the German TELC

German TELC B1

The TELC Deutsch B1 exam is intended for participants who already have a basic knowledge of German. Candidates must be able to understand texts and audios in slightly more elaborate situations.

Level B1 corresponds to an intermediate level of mastery of vocabulary  and of a structured syntax with logical connectors. You have to be able to use the present, the past and the future and know how to manage in all the most common situations.

This test is also a proof of sufficient knowledge of German which is recognized for obtaining naturalization in Germany .

At level B1 there is a written test lasting 2h30, and an oral test lasting 15 minutes with a preparation time of 20 minutes.

German TELC B2

The TELC Deutsch B2 exam tests general German knowledge at an advanced level.

When you validate level B2, you can express yourself clearly and you are able to hold a reasoned conversation. You can understand texts with a high level of difficulty .

You have an excellent level of vocabulary and you can produce professional letters, reports. To pass the TELC at this level, you must be accustomed to hearing and reading texts on topical subjects and master the main concepts of the German language. pass the German TELC

The written test lasts 3 hours. The oral test lasts 20 minutes with twenty minutes of preparation.

German TELC C1

To study at a German college, the TELC Deutsch C1 Hochschule serves as proof of a sufficient level in German .

In addition, the telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule exam is valuable linguistic proof for anyone who wants to do research in Germany or who wants to justify the level of their language skills.

To claim to pass the TELC C1 you must have a very elaborate vocabulary and master idiomatic expressions. If you pass the exam you prove that you are able to adapt your language and the language register to a situation.

The exam consists of a written part lasting 3h40 with a 20-minute break included. Before the oral exam you will have 20 minutes of preparation.

Why choose German TELC?

The German TELC has some advantages over the DALF and other exams.

Flexibility in organization and content

If you fail the tests, no problem, the exam can be retaken as often as necessary.

Thanks to its uniformity, targeted preparation is possible in the areas of comprehension and expression both orally and in writing. Thus the exam can be adapted to your professional sector with corresponding themes. pass the German TELC

Once the TELC has been obtained, you will have a certificate in your pocket with an unlimited period of validity .

Favorable to international mobility

TELC certificates are recognized throughout Europe (TELC issues more than 100,000 certificates per year). It is an ideal certificate for traveling and getting a job in the country of your choice.

In addition, this certificate is suitable for all types of permit applications in Switzerland : short-term permit, settlement permit, residence permit, naturalization. (As of January 2019, all foreign nationals must prove that they are proficient in the language spoken in the desired place of residence when applying for a residence permit or authorization.)

All exams are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFRL) , so it is recognized across all universities.

Language skills are tested in everyday situations , affecting all areas of daily life, from home to work. This is a dynamic exam that offers you the opportunity to validate a level while progressing during the preparation.

Traveling to Germany with TELC , pass the German TELC

An academic and professional sesame

In addition, the TELC Deutsch C1 Hochschule exam is valuable linguistic proof for anyone who wants to do research in Germany or wants to prove their level of language skills .

Indeed, the TELC is recognized by all universities and higher education establishments in Germany, which allows you to register to continue your studies in Germany.

Accessible to everyone

It is good to know that beginners without preliminary knowledge need about 8 months to reach the language level necessary for the Humboldt-Institut. It is therefore an exam accessible to all and offering many possibilities.pass the German TELC

What are the opportunities with a TELC degree?

The TELC makes it easier for you to get a job in German-speaking countries. You can also continue your studies at German universities.

If you wish to live in Germany, the TELC level B1 is required to obtain German naturalization.

The TELC is an internationally recognized level test. It is standardized , that is, it is the same everywhere. It allows you to assess your level of German and obtain a certification that will be useful for traveling abroad, and for entering certain universities and schools.

German TELC test: How to register?

What is the price of the TELC?

The cost of registering for the TELC is not necessarily very expensive given the advantages it offers. On the other hand, if you iron it several times, its cost can be a brake.

To pass this exam, you will have to pay between 70 and 200 euros depending on the level chosen.

You will also need to plan for travel and accommodation costs to get to the test center on the day of the test.pass the German TELC

Where can you take the German TELC?

You will need to register at an exam center to take the German TELC. You will need to find out about the center closest to you and organize yourself to find accommodation in order to be there on the day of the tests.

Each exam center offers different dates. Please check with language schools and institutions to find out when a TELC exam is offered.

When do we get the results of the TELC?

The turnaround times for results are quite short. The TELC allows flexibility in terms of dates whether for registration or for results. Indeed, the registration period ends one week before the exam.

You will receive your results approximately four to six weeks after taking the TELC exam.

Depending on the test center you will be able to obtain your results in different ways, but in general you will have a choice. You can pick up the score sheet (if you did not pass the exam) or your certificate (if you passed the exam) at the exam center office.

You can also receive the certificate by e-mail or by post.

Pass the German TELC

What should I bring on the day of the exam?

On the day of the exam you will only need a pen and a corrector . You can provide a pencil if you want to write in draft. Do not forget to bring something to prove your identity , a passport or an identity card.

You are not allowed to use tools such as a dictionary. As with any exam, you can bring something to eat and drink to give you energy if the tests are long.

Practice for the TELC in German with GlobalExam

In the TELC exam preparation courses we offer, a native German teacher will explain to you how best to approach the exercises and how to organize the time optimally.

During the preparation of the exam, you have the opportunity to practice by working on test models of your level. Through this structured and transparent introduction, participants get to know the TELC test structure.

They then run through the test sections in real time. At the end you will find a detailed correction and explanations on how you can optimize your result.

Now you know everything about TELC in German. Start practicing right away by creating an account on the GlobalExam platform.

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