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The world is becoming more and more compressed and for many businesses foreign languages are of essential importance.– Intercultural and language skills are fundamental competencies in today’s networked world. The FOM University of Applied Science has with its´worldwide collaborations a strong international orientation. It offers national and international students the opportunity to improve their language skills at one of over 30 FOM study centres. With the collaboration of guest lecturers from all over the world FOM ensures the high quality of lectures and allows students to broaden their horizons.

Make valuable contacts – either as a student or a lecturer – and extend your international network!

FOM specialises in study programmes which students complete while working or training and it sees itself as a service provider that teaches students the academic knowledge and social competencies and skills needed to take on managerial positions. Students acquire sound theoretical expertise which they can apply directly to business practice. Online information systems, smooth organisation and comprehensive services help students complete their degrees quickly and easily despite the double burden of combining work and study.

The basic principle, structure and procedure of the QMS are laid out in detail in a manual. We strive to continually improve performance in teaching, research, development, student supervision and organisation.

Internally, an independent quality assurance manager constantly monitors all processes which affect the implementation, development and introduction of study programmes and which are listed in the QMS. Externally, FOM appoints well-known institutions to assess quality on a continual basis. FOM has repeatedly received high scores for equipment, teaching staff, quality and study programme management from the FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) in its programme accreditations.
Two other external institutions also assess FOM’s quality standards. The Study Programme Evaluation Commission consisting of distinguished representatives from industry and the body of students analyses each study programme in terms of both formal and content quality. In future, the QM Audit Group, another external committee, will also regularly monitor the effectiveness of FOM’s quality management system. The results of all internal and external audits are presented to decision-makers and FOM committees and duly published. buy high-quality FOM transcript