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The Technical University of Dresden (TUD) is one of the largest technical universities in Germany and one of the leading and most dynamic universities in Europe. As a full-course university with 17 faculties and 5 faculties, TUD offers a wide range of 124 disciplines and covers a wide range of studies. Its research focus areas include health sciences, biomedicine and bioengineering, information technology and microelectronics, smart materials and structures, energy, transport and environment, and cultural and social change, and are considered exemplary in Germany and throughout Europe.TUD diploma for sale

The name Dresden University of Technology has only been used since 1961; however, How much to buy Technische Universitat Dresden degree? Can I get to buy a fake TU Dresden diploma? fake TU Dresden certificate, buy TU Dresden certificate from Germany, buy TU Dresden degree from Germany.  the university’s history dates back nearly 200 years to 1828. This makes it one of the oldest technical colleges in Germany and one of the oldest universities in the country, and in today’s German it means to cover the entire curriculum. The university is a member of TU9, an alliance of nine leading German technical institutes. The university was one of 11 German universities that successfully passed the Excellence Programme in 2012, thus earning the title of “University of Excellence”. TU Dresden has been successful in all three rounds of the German University Excellence Programme (Future Concept, Graduate School, Cluster of Excellence).

Since 2012, TUD has been one of 11 “Universities of Excellence” in Germany. In the second phase of the Excellence Program, TUD received four applications: Institutional Strategy, Center of Excellence for Electronic Development Dresden (cfaed), Center for Regenerative Therapy Dresden (CRTD) and Graduate School International Graduate School Dresden Biomedicine and Bioengineering (DIGS-BB. In January 2019, three new clusters of excellence started their work: PoL – Physics of Life​​, ct.qmat – Complexity and Topology of Quantum Materials and CeTI – Tactile Internet Center. As of 1 November 2019, TU Dresden will receive permanent funding within the framework of the Federal and State Government’s Excellence Strategy.

TUD enrolls approximately 32,000 students, more than triple the number in 1990 (11,220 students). Internationally, TUD has an excellent reputation, with approximately one in eight students coming from abroad. Today, around 8,300 employees from 70 countries work at TU Dresden.